Clintondale Aviation Services

Due to Clintondale Aviation’s vast experience in providing outstanding air charter services, we are able to provide our clients with appropriate recommendations for their private travel arrangements. 

Charter flights

While specializing in the private transport of VIP's and business clients, Clintondale Aviation can support any business or individual with air charters.
You may contact us at any of our offices, or request a reply online. We will provide you with the most appropriate aircraft for your flight and will provide you with the level of service that is requested. 

Aviation project support

If you have a large type of project, which requires aviation support, we are ready to meet with you and offer the provision of this support. If you are in the process of organizing a long term project which may need aviation support, such as moving crew from one location to another location, then we are your number one choice. Since 1992, Clintondale Aviation has provided dedicated aircraft and operations management for major companies operating in remote locations, including, but not limited to Russia and Kazakhstan. 

Medical Evacuation

We work with reputable companies, which specialize in exclusively offering air ambulance services. Clintondale Aviation can provide a quick response and an aircraft to suit your needs. Successful medevacs have been completed from remote locations in Russia and Kazakhstan to Helsinki, Budapest, London, Istanbul and other cities.  

Other Services

Ground Transport
If necessary, we can organize ground transportation for our passengers in the Moscow area, including transportation to and from the capital’s airports.
All of Clintondale Aviation's flights offer first class catering, depending on the customer's needs. A variety of meals and beverages are available upon request, and special needs diets can be accommodated.